Innovative Changes (IC$) is a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution loan fund that provides financial education, small-dollar consumer loans, and access to credit building techniques and asset building opportunities.

To say 2020 has been a difficult year here at Innovative Changes is an understatement. We also recognize that it is a difficult year full of unexpected changes for our clients and community. We are especially saddened to announce one more change: after more than 10 years, Innovative Changes will be closing its doors at the end of 2020. 


Since CASA of Oregon took over the programs in 2017, we have struggled to secure the resources we need to sustain our programs and expand our services. We had hoped to achieve sustainability and think about growth, but the combined forces of COVID-19 and competitive fundraising have taken their toll. We have provided high quality financial education at a very low price; we have provided low-cost loans not available anywhere else, to borrowers that banks do not serve; we are the only IDA program that will work with anyone, anywhere in Oregon.


During these last 10 years, we have remained committed to you, our community. Even as we prepare to close, we remain committed to you. We understand that you will have many questions for us, and we do not have all the information yet. It was important to be as transparent as possible as soon as possible; you will receive more detailed information from your program manager in the coming weeks and months. We will continue providing quality services to our clients as we scale back our programming. 


We know you may be concerned about the void our absence may create in the financial capabilities and services arena. We are currently in talks with our community partners to see if our programs can find a new home.


It has been our great pleasure to help our community build long term financial health over the years, and it is with great sadness that we make this announcement. We will be in touch soon with more details. 

Financial Coaching

We are offering one on one financial coaching, virtually, by appointment only through the end of the year.  If you are interested in a coaching appointment, contact Rachell Hall at

Individual Development Accounts

We are no longer accepting new applications.  If you are looking to enroll in an IDA, please look for another provider on the

IDA Directory at

If you have an existing IDA with Innovative Changes and you have questions about your IDA, contact Yvette Perez-Chavez at

We are no longer able to offer loans.  We will update this page with referral information for other providers in the community soon.


​​Call us:   (503) 249- 5205