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We are no longer able to offer loans. 

We will update this page with referral information for other providers in the community soon.

Payday lenders, car title lenders, and rent-to-own stores charge APRs over 100%. Our rates are comparable to a credit union.

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We know most people don’t have perfect credit, high income, and pristine bank accounts. We can’t lend to everyone, but we are more understanding than most financial institutions.



We don’t have strict categories for most of our loans. In most cases, we give the money directly to you, and we trust you to use it for what you need. 




In addition to loans, we offer classes and coaching to help you learn, grow, and build a strong financial future. And if a problem arises, we are here to help.


If you are denied, we will tell you why, and we will tell you how to fix the problem so you can reapply.


Our loan funds and policies are ever-evolving. We keep up on industry and economic trends, as well as what is going on in our local communities and the lives of our clients, to make sure our loan products still fit your needs.


Emergency Loan for those whose income was interrupted by the 2020 pandemic.

Designed to help borrowers improve their credit and prepare for asset building opportunities.

Loans to help you pay unexpected expenses and take advantage of opportunities.

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Information for our current and future Referring Partners

Who we lend to, our decision process, our lateness and no show policy, and privacy.