Client Spotlight: Yolanda!

Yolanda was first referred to Innovative Changes's Opportunity Loan Program in 2015 to help her pay for items for her daughter's school. Since then, she has successfully paid off two loans with us without missing a single payment. Yolanda is working on her third Opportunity Loan, which she took out to pay for car repairs. Learn more about Yolanda below.

How did you learn about Innovative Changes?

I learned about Innovative Changes through a presentation at my place of employment.

What program have you participated in & what have you learned from it?

I participated in the loan program with Innovative Changes. I learned the importance of balancing and managing your money. Also, that having the opportunity to short term loans provide a hopeful attitude toward future financial endeavors.

What do you like best about IC$' programs?

In addition to the wonderful financial education; what I truly liked about the program is, it empowers you to know that you’re more than a debt and that you have the power and option to change your financial situation and secure your future wisely.

What financial accomplishments are you most proud of?

Being able to pay-off my loans both in a timely manner and without missing a payment.

What are your current financial goals?

To become debt free; to find a financial solution that allows me to spend down my total debt of $5000.00 so long-term I can work on homeownership.

What financial advice would you give to someone struggling with his/her finances?

To check out Innovative Changes; they are knowledgeable and provide an phenomenal service that will direct you towards strategies and resources in reducing debt and creating a healthy financial future.

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