Other Training and Events

Financial Empowerment Clinics

Following a budget, incorporating savings into your expenses and building credit takes a lot of work. An ultimate goal is feeling secure in one’s future through retirement savings, insurance, asset development, etc. IC$ staff is not trained to give legal or professional advice, but we work hard to connect our clients to those services when they need it. This is why, in collaboration with other community organizations and institutions, we organize several financial empowerment clinics a year. These events, which are open to the public, provide a space at which families and individuals who can’t afford access to professional services can receive pro-bono advice–no strings attached– from a professional. See below for our upcoming events. To suggest a topic or service that you would like to see at the next Financial Empowerment Clinic click here or contact us for more information. Join us at the next Fix it Fair series with the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. 

Your Money, Your Goals

 Your Money Your Goals is a toolkit to help case managers and another front line staff provides high quality, unbiased information, and tools that help clients become financially empowered. It’s also designed to make the integration of financial empowerment tools as seamless as possible for your organization. As a result of the training, staff will build a foundation of financial knowledge that will help them become comfortable in using the toolkit with their clients. By using it, they will learn to help their clients:

  • Set goals and calculate how much money is needed to reach these goals.

  • Save money for short-term and long-term goals.

  • Establish an emergency saving fund.

  • Track the specific ways they are using their money.

  • Bring their cash flow budgets into balance.

  • Access and use tax refunds.

  • Make a simple plan to reduce their debt.

  • Get and review their credit reports.

  • Fix errors on their credit report.

  • Evaluate financial products and services.

  • Recognize when they may have been treated unfairly and know how to take action.

The training is limited to 20 participants. To schedule a training for your staff please contact Rachell Hall, (503)249-5205  rhall@casaoforegon.org.

 If you're interested in attending the next Your Money Your Goals training contact Rachell Hall or 503 249-5205

Youth Education

 Part One: My Money, My Future:


This workshop is designed to give students an introduction to how money is affected by their values and habits.  Before students draft their first budget, it is important to know where their priorities lie and determine the needs and want of their spending. This will help them to make a more realistic budget for their financial future. Participants learn to identify spending habits, determine their needs vs. wants, and balance their cash flow. They also play our own Game of Life where students make a budget that reflects their competing financial priorities, and how to address short-term financial “life events”.


Topics include:

  1. Attitudes, habits, and money

  2. Needs wants, and priorities

  3. Juggling priorities and cash flow management

  4. Reading and understanding a paystub



Part Two: Go For Your Goal!

In this workshop, participants learn money management skills to achieve financial stability in their first years of college. Participants create and learn how to manage a budget by tracking spending, managing variable expenses, and accounting for changes in income. They will also compare the expenses of living at home, living on campus and living off campus to help them determine if they are financially ready to live independently. Participants will set short-term and long-term goals and determine steps to reach their goal.


Topics include:

  1. Creating and managing a budget

  2. Adjusting your budget when income changes

  3. Setting SMART goals

  4. Strategies for tracking expenses

  5. How to save effectively



Part Three: Bank On It


This workshop provides participants with an overview of banking services and how to use them successfully and responsibly. Participants learn how to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a bank or credit union, choosing the right services for their banking needs, and how to avoid predatory offers. Participants explore how to minimize fees and stress while managing their accounts proactively. This course is tailored toward the needs of first-time bank account holders with more emphasis on the fundamental components of using a bank account such as writing checks, making deposits, direct deposit, withdrawals, etc.


Topics include:

  1. Why have a bank account?

  2. Banks and the services that they offer

  3. Choosing the bank and services that work for you

  4. Know your bank fees

  5. Successful banking


Part Four: Credit 101


Participants in this workshop explore the fundamentals of credit. This workshop helps participants understand what credit is, how it works, and how it can be a tool for attaining other assets. In addition, participants compare credit card offers, bust credit myths, and how to start building credit in a secure and healthy way. We will also conclude the Game of Life in this class and award prizes to the players/teams that have the most savings and Econopoints.


Topics include:

  1. What is credit?

  2. Do I need credit and why?

  3. Building credit

  4. What to look for when choosing a credit card

  5. How can my credit score affect my life?

  6. Am I ready to start building credit?


If you're interested in contracting classes please contact Yvette (503) 687-3337 Yvette@casaoforegon.org




 Retirement 101

In this workshop participants will learn how to assess different types of retirement accounts. Structure a plan for retirement based on what their projected needs and wants will be. Participants will assess their retirement savings and come up with a plan for reaching their retirement goal. Participants will leave able to recognize the benefits to compounding interest accounts.

Topic includes:

1. How much you need in retirement?

2. Understanding the benefits of compounding interest.

3. What are the types of retirement saving account?

4. The Myths about retirement saving.



Registration is required!  Please contact Rachell at rhall@casaoforegon.org  call (503) 249-5205. The class cost is from $15 a class or $50 for the four-part series. We are also available to teach the classes at a time and location convenient for you on a contract basis. For more information on contracting workshops click here