Individual Development Accounts

Enrollment in our IDA program is currently closed. 

Individual Development Accounts

Innovative Changes offers Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), as part of the VIDA matched savings program. IDAs enable individuals/families with limited financial resources to save and build for a brighter financial future. The IC$ IDA program is for those seeking to pursue post high school education (anything beyond GED) at an accredited institution, vocational training, or saving for retirement in order to further their career and their household financial resiliency.


Participants in the IDA program commit to saving at least $25 every month for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 3 years, participating in financial education classes, completing 6 asset hours and completing a personal development plan. Once you do this, you are eligible to receive a match of 3:1 for your savings. You can use your IDA funds towards your school tuition, books and supplies, and in some cases technology and equipment. To enroll in our IDA program you must first come to a IDA Orientation to learn about eligibility requirements and how to apply!

You can visit the Oregon IDA Initiative website to learn about IDAs and to research other organizations that offer IDAs.

Once you have determined you are eligible, you must attend a IDA Orientation. This is the first step to applying for the IDA! 

All future savers are required to complete the Financial Household Resiliency series prior to IDA enrollment . 

More questions?


See our IDA Frequently Asked Questions page.

IDA Eligibility


Review the list below or take our fun IDA Eligibility Quiz! If all these criteria apply to you, then you may be eligible for our IDA program!


1. I am at least 15 years old.

2. My income is within the Income Limits for my household size.

3. My net worth is less than $20,000 (what you own minus what you owe – with one home, one vehicle, and up to $60,000 of retirement savings excluded). Not sure how to calculate your net worth? Use this helpful  net worth worksheet!

4. I am an Oregon resident and will live in Oregon for the next three years.

5. I can complete 10 hours of financial education classes.

6. I can complete 6 asset hours (independent activities related to my asset class)

7. I can save at least $25 EVERY month for up to 3 years towards my asset goal.

8. I can commit to saving for at least 6 months.

If you can say “yes” to all of the above statements, then you could qualify for our program!