New Opportunities Loan

For those with a referral, or if you've had a loan with us before.

The New Opportunities Loan is available only to those who are working with a qualified Referring Partner Agency (click here for a list). You can't just call up one of these agencies for a referral -- they can only refer those with whom they have an ongoing relationship.


This loan is also available to those who have already had a loan with us (Credit Builder loans do not qualify).


Don't have a referral? We have just the thing: the Take a Chance Loan is a smaller loan you can use to get established as an Innovative Changes borrower.

New Opportunities Loan Term Sheet
Take a Chance Loan


Publicly available on a limited basis.

Our Take a Chance Loan is designed to give our communities access to a safe, affordable loan product -- even without a referral.

This loan is intended to fill a financial need. If you are looking for credit building opportunities, please see our Credit Builder Loan.


Check out the term sheet below for details, then click the application link!


We offer a limited number of these loans per month, so they may not always be available.

Take a Chance Loan Term Sheet