Innovative Changes Equity Statement

Economic justice is the heart of Innovative Changes. With compassion, empathy, and mindfulness, we work with clients who have been financially overlooked and underserved.

We strengthen the underserved and help them take control of their finances. Our clients’ reality changes from rejection and predatory practices to active participation. This results in fair, transparent, and equitable interactions.

Our clients are creative and resilient. They bring valuable experience to our work. We meet people where they are and help them to reach their highest individual financial potential.

At Innovative Changes, we focus on providing financial knowledge, products, and services to the most overlooked and underserved communities including women and communities of color. We provide services that respect our clients’ cultures as they achieve financial health and build wealth for future generations.

All groups who have had barriers to seeking wealth are welcome to participate in building a stronger community. We regularly evaluate our services to see if we are reaching as many people as possible across the metropolitan area.

We intentionally build strong, shared partnerships to create strategic alliances with culturally specific organizations serving underrepresented groups. Through these partnerships we continue to build trust with clients, are able to reach a wider audience, and become more responsive to the needs of specific cultural groups. This is an ongoing commitment.

We are committed to breaking down barriers that limit women, people of color, and other underserved communities from building wealth. We work with financial institutions offering fair and transparent products and services to all. We work to change those financial institutions that do not. In this work we strive to build a better Oregon for all.