It's Official!

We sealed the deal! We tied the knot! We shook on it!

However you want to say it, the boards of CASA of Oregon and Innovative Changes are excited to inform you that they have unanimously approved the merging of these two highly respected organizations.

Since 1988 and 2009 respectively, CASA of Oregon and Innovative Changes have helped Oregonians build hope, homes, and financial health. This year the two organizations stepped back and assessed how they could make an even bigger impact by joining forces. It quickly became clear that taking the financial education services and loan programs provided by Innovative Changes to CASA’s network would make a significant impact in rural Oregon - and adding CASA’s expertise and staffing would allow IC$ to expand its programing in the Portland area. A win-win-win for everyone!

In the coming months we will be meeting with our legal teams to tie up loose ends and formalize this merger. In the meantime, our teams are working closely together out of our Lloyd Center and Sherwood offices to gear up and meet the demand for these services. Shortly, you can expect to see:

  • A revamped loan program

  • New Credit Builder IDAs

  • IDAs for youth and adults in the metro area

  • Financial Household Resiliency classes statewide

  • On-site financial education training for nonprofit and for-profit organizations

  • Your Money, Your Goals training statewide

Thank you for supporting our organizations over the years. We couldn’t have gotten where we are today without you and if you liked what we did before, just wait until you see what we can accomplish together!