Coaching and Resources


Getting a Coach


Financial coaching is right for you if:

  • You are ready to improve your financial situation and you can put time into it.

  • You are ready for support budgeting, saving, building credit, reducing debt and/or planning your financial future.

  • You can commit to meeting with a coach and receiving feedback.


To view the Financial Coaching Meet and Greet webinar click here. After you view the webinar please sign up for virtual coaching session click here to schedule appointment.


Becoming a Coach

Drawing on your own experience and sensitivity to clients’ varied backgrounds and circumstances, you will help guide individuals and households by equipping them with the tools, skills, and confidence necessary to meet their immediate financial needs and achieve their short- and long-term financial goals. Based on clients’ self-identified needs and goals, coaches spend time working in 5 major areas: personal cash flow management; budgeting; saving and goal setting; building, repairing and protecting credit; and access to banking and community services. Coaches are always needed.


Requirements for financial coaches:

  • Attend a Financial Coaching Meet and Greet webinar;

  • Attend a 4-hour coach training on IC$’s coaching materials;

  • Research referrals appropriate to your client’s needs as necessary;

  • Take notes during coaching sessions and document client progress or setbacks; and

  • Maintain ongoing communication with IC$ staff contact to provide feedback and updates on client progress.


If you are interested in becoming a financial coach, the first step is to view a Meet and Greet webinar to learn more about the program. To view the  Meet and Greet webinar using the links below.

 Meet & Greet

The second step is to attend the Financial Coach Training click here to sign up.




Banking Action Plan (pdf)
Find out if you are ready for a bank account, if you are in ChexSystems, and what bank services are best for you.

Bank On Oregon
Great supplement to the Banking Action Plan which offers information on the benefits of a bank account, on how to open a bank account, and provides a comparison of banks and credit unions in your area.


Bankruptcy (only an attorney can give advice on this issue, refer to collections, debt management, or credit )
United States Bankruptcy Court-District of Oregon 
Offers bankruptcy clinic, lawyer referral service, volunteer lawyers for eligible individuals

Comparison of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
This comparison, downloaded from the America Bar website, is for informational purposes only. Under no circumstances should you advise a client on what type of bankruptcy they should file.


Monthly Budget (Word document)
Monthly Budget Worksheet Instructions (Word document)
Budget Worksheet (Spanish) (pdf)
Budgeting and Savings Action Plan (pdf)
Paycheck Planner (pdf)
Paycheck Planner (Excel)
Paycheck Planner Instructions (Word document)
Personal Budget Spreadsheet (Excel)
Weekly Money Manager (Excel)
Family Budget Planner (Excel)
Payment Terms and Conditions (Word document)
Payment Terms and Conditions Instructions (Word document)


Collections (note: also read Credit Action Plan)
Negotiating with Collection Agencies- A Step-by-Step
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Sample Stop Calling Letter
Collection communication Log
Exempt Property from Garnishment in OR
     Look at "Notice of Exempt Property form" for state tax, county tax and other debts to see what is exempt from garnishment.


Credit Pie (pdf)
Understanding Credit Reports
Credit Action Plan (pdf)
Debt Inventory
Sample Dispute Letter (Word): Also see online dispute forms for each credit bureau
Sample Debt Verification Letter (Word, CFPB)

Credit Card Glossary


Debt Reduction and Management ( also, see credit)
Debt Reduction Calculator (Excel)
Cash Flow Management Action Plan (pdf)


Identity Theft ( The links below offer comprehensive guides)
Taking Charge: What to Do if your Identity is Stolen
Qué Hacer Si Le Roban Su Identidad


Money Values
Financial Wheel (pdf)
Wheel of Life (pdf)


Referrals or call 211
211 is a community resource directory. Feel free to call Innovative Changes for suggestions on referrals.


Student Loans
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 
offers a student financial guide for loans. Compare financial aid offers and  learn about repaying student debt
U.S. Department of Education
access student loan accounts and gather information about payment options
National Student Loan Database System
Lists all Federal Loans made to you, and lists who the servicer is for each loan


Tax Basics 
2014 IRS Tax Withholding Calculator
IRS Tax Question Line: 1-800-829-1040
toll-free number for the IRS tax question line. With this number, you will be put in touch with someone at the IRS who can assist you with your own personal tax situation if you have any questions.
CASH Oregon
Offers free tax preparation throughout the tri-county area from Jan. 15-April 15, with select off-season tax days.  Can call in with questions at (503) 243—7765