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Innovative Changes (IC$) is a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution that provides financial education, small-dollar consumer loans, and access to credit building and asset building opportunities.

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Our mission is to help people build their long-term financial health, and our vision is a society where all people have access to safe, affordable financial products and services and the ability to use them well. Our guiding principles work to advance economic justice for those disenfranchised and excluded by the mainstream financial services sector, celebrate the diverse cultures of our communities by implementing culturally responsive programming and commit to building a strong, financially sustainable organization.


We were founded in 2009 by Innovative Housing, Inc. (IHI), a nonprofit affordable housing developer serving low- and moderate-income residents. IC$ was born out of the realization that people of low income need access to financial education and services that help them achieve and maintain household financial stability. We specialize in building the financial capabilities of people of low income by combining financial education with products and services that enable people to experience real improvement in financial stability.

Innovative Changes has been working hard to be a more equitable and inclusive organization. We do this through staff training, focus groups with our community and building it into our annual work plans. Read more about it by clicking on the button below. 



Rachell Hall

Financial Capabilities Manager
(503) 249-5205 ext. 1405

Rachel Stein

Innovative Products Manager
(503) 249-5205 ext. 1403

Yvette Perez-Chavez

IDA Specialist
(503) 249-5205 ext. 1402

Israel Valentín Vargas

Loan Program Coordinator and Administrative Specialist 

Roshlet Jeanne Tabernero 
Accounts Payable

(503) 687-3323

Rebekah Bassett 
Family Economic Opportunity Program Director

(503) 537-0319 ext. 313

Peter Hainley
Executive Director

(503) 687-3311 

​​Call us:   (503) 249- 5205