• Bankruptcy Clinics The bankruptcy clinic is sponsored by the Oregon State Bar and Legal Aid Services of Oregon. The clinic locations rotate between three locations throughout the year. Please see the schedule below for 2016. The clinic features a free class which covers the basics of filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Following the class, qualified individuals can ...
  • 5 things to know about garnishments and your bank account by Andrea Kerwin According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, there are two types of garnishment. Wage garnishment, which is when your earnings are garnished to pay a debt, and nonwage garnishment, which is when money in a bank account is garnished to pay a debt. If you are concerned about non-wage garnishment, here are five ...
  • Managing Holiday Stress In order to manage holiday stress, you first have to understand what is causing you stress. Then you can plan out how to tackle each stressor so you can enjoy the holiday season. Below are some typical holiday stressors and ideas of how to manage them. Tight Budget: Make a list of who you plan to ...
  • Oregon Helps Oregon Helps Oregon Helps is a benefit calculator. Go to this site, fill out their survey and find out what benefits you may be eligible for before you take a trip down to DHS.
  • 2013 Poverty Guidelines Visit the Oregon Center for Public Policy’s listing of the 2010 Poverty Guidelines.
  • The Martinez Settlement: Social Security and Arrest Warrants The Social Security Administration can no longer withhold benefits because of warrants and must repay benefits withheld.
  • GOALS: Greater Opportunities to Advance, Learn, and Succeed Residents of Public Housing can get assistance getting a stable living wage job, building savings and accessing resources to meet personal goals through this program offered through the Housing Authority of Portland (HAP)
  • Re-entry Transition Center Provides resources to help the formerly incarcerated meet their immediate needs and work toward their long term goals.
  • Resources Galore This guide to Portland resources lists everything from Food Assistance to Legal Services, Mental Health Counseling to Pet Resources, and everything in-between.