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  3. Register for the orientation you would like to attend. These orientation are required for those wanting to apply to Innovative Changes' IDA program. They will be held at the Lloyd Center Mall in Suite 2025. (On the third floor, in between the Nordstroms and the food court.)
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One Response to IDA Orientation Registration

  1. Alexander S. MacGillivray says:


    I just read the newsletter, and I just wanted to say thank you to Carmina. I was in desperate straights with my student loans and NW Housing Alternatives coordinator Bethany Robinson told me about a workshop that Innovative Changes was offering. I attended the workshop and quickly realized that my situation wasn’t as desperate as I thought. Carmina told us about Direct Loan Consolidation, and how it works. After the session, I spoke to Carmina, and she offered some more advice. I followed her advice and my loans are now consolidated and I’m out of default! I signed up for, and was approved for, the IBP. I am very happy! :) Now that this is off of my credit, I qualify for better housing and I can even return to University if I choose too! So many options now, when I thought I had none last fall!

    Thank you Carmina and Innovative Changes! You made a profound difference in my life!

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